Why Custom Apparel


Do you ever wonder how custom apparel could be useful to you? At Bender we produce apparel used for many different reasons and for a wide variety of client types. If you’re reading this it’s likely you fall into one of these categories.

Business owners

Businesses purchasing shirts for their staff is our most typical client. It is important as a business that employees (especially those working directly with customers) to dress similar. Imagine going into a major super center or you local hardware store and not knowing who to go to for help.

For smaller businesses this is equally important for marketing. If your company of 20 employees all wear your logo think of how many times that logo is seen throughout the day. Marketing is a numbers game and repetition creates brand awareness.


With spring comes baseball season and so will the teams that need jerseys. Same goes with hockey, basketball, gymnastics, etc. Bender Apparel can print jerseys for recreation leagues and stitch hats for teams and even personalize these items.

Athletes aren’t the only ones involved. Parents, friends, and the fans that fill the stands often desire spirit wear to root on their favorite athlete or team.


There are many charities, organizations, and groups that host events throughout the year. No matter the function a t-shirt is a great way to mark the occasion. This is an important tool for both organizers and attendees.

Custom apparel allows you to show support for a cause. Wearing something that is going to be seen by the masses will generate interest. Summer camps, walks/runs, and even catered events often come with a grab bag with a shirt for participating or enrollment.


Are you an entrepreneur with an idea to create the next best fashion line? Do you have an eye for art and design?


With our wide selection of vendors offering a large variety of customizable wear we cater to brands looking to offer anything from hats to outerwear.


These are just a few reasons our customers come in to see us. We help you create products that fit your needs. Our emphasis is on producing quality apparel and not just for our 6 figure clients but our minimum order customers as well. Bender Apparel works hard researching the industry practices so that we offer the best print and embroidery options available. Now think about what you can use some custom apparel for?


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