Custom Screen Printing | Sizing and Placement on Shirts and Sweatshirts

When it comes to apparel design there are many decisions to be made. What type of apparel item, what colors, which design, and of course where to place the design(s). Our sales team can help you narrow down all these choices as they walk you through the process to make sure your custom apparel is everything you want and more.

Full Front-

On an adult shirt a full front design has a standard measurement of 12″ wide by 13.5″ tall. The largest possible full front design can be 14″ wide by 17″ tall, however this size requires strict consideration of the size and type of garment.  On a youth shirt, the standard full front design is 9″ wide by 12″ tall. A standard full front design on a toddler shirt is 6″ x 6″. These measurements hold true to sweatshirts as well, however the length may be shortened to account for a pocket. A full front is often paired with a full back design for events that have sponsors listed as well as theaters and teams who list cast or team members on the back of a shirt or sweatshirt. A full front design can also be paired with a sleeve, tag print, both sleeves, or a sleeve + tag print combination.

Center Chest-

A standard center chest logo measures 6″ wide for adult and 4″ wide for youth shirts. The height is determined by the design.While this design placement can be used by itself, it is most often paired with a full back design on adult shirts. A center chest design is more common on a youth or toddler shirt than a full front design and can be paired with any of the sleeve and back print placements.

Left Chest-

The left chest design is the most popular placement to be paired with a full back design. The standard sizes are 3.5″ x  3.5″ for adult, 3″ x 3″  for youth, and 3″ x 3″ for a left chest design on a pocket. Most often the left chest design is home for the logo of a company, organization, school, event, etc. A typical left chest design is 1-2 colors, but can be screen printed up to 4 colors.

Right Chest-

The right chest design has the same standard sizes as the left chest, but is used less frequently. Typically, a right chest design is used for personalization in conjunction with a left chest design, to balance the shirt, or if there is already a branded design on the left side.

Above Pocket-

The standard sizing for above pocket designs is the same as the left and right chest design standards and is placed right above the pocket opening.

Full Back-

A standard full back design on an adult shirt is 12″ wide by 13.5″ tall, with the largest possible design measuring at 14″ wide by 17″ tall. Keep in mind the size of the garments, as not all will fit the largest possible design sizing. A standard full back design on a youth shirt is 9″ wide by 12″ tall and for toddler apparel, the standard full back design is 6″ x 6″.

Tag Print-

A tag print is placed on the upper back of a shirt. This placement is most often used for a logo and can be combined with a full front design, center chest design, or a left chest + sleeve combination. There is not a standard size for a tag print and will be sized based on the design and how it relates to the shirt.


Both the right and left sleeve can be screen printed. Generally only one sleeve is chosen, but both can be printed on a single garment. On an adult long sleeve, the standard sleeve design is 3″ wide by 14″ long and can be either a text or a graphic element. The standard youth long sleeve design is 3″ wide by 9″ long. Short sleeve shirts can also get sleeve designs, the standard design size is 3.5″ x 3.5″ and can also be either a text or graphic element.

While these are all standard design placements, you are not limited to these standard placements listed above.

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