4 Ways Bender Apparel Will Save You Money

We know that saving money and working within budget constraints is often a business’ main priority. With this in mind, everyone on the Bender Apparel team works diligently to find money-saving options for all of our clients. Here’s a look at four ways Bender Apparel can help you save money on your next order:

  1. New Technologies
    Our newest DTG Printer allows our customers to buy specific amounts of merchandise. With no minimum quantity, merchandisers can now save money by only buying as much as they actually need. Save money. Buy in small quantities.
  2. Research and Development
    Our research and development team works around the clock to research the best techniques, latest trends, and highest quality products, finding ways to work with your budget. Learn more about this exceptional team here.
  3. We have everything you need.
    There’s no need to shop around; Bender Apparel is your one-stop shop! Whatever your promotional item needs, we can provide for you. We design, print, and embroider everything under the sun! Check out some of our favorite designs here and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re currently working on, as well as a few office shenanigans.
  4. Simply the best!
    Because we only offer the highest quality prints and take ample time to learn about your business and your needs, you save money by getting your order right the first time! Our customer service team makes a point to always stay in contact with you from beginning to end.

Here at the Bender Zoo, we are determined to provide only the best customer service experience! We strive to always provide the highest quality not just in our designs but also in our execution which, in the long run, saves you money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save money on your custom apparel and merchandise.

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