Join the Bender Zoo

We’ve talked a lot about the Bender Zoo and how much we love working in this crazy place. But this is just the beginning! The Bender Zoo is about so much more than the people that work here and the culture that we’ve created among our team. Without you, the Bender Zoo isn’t possible. It is important to us that we let our customers know how much they mean to us, and that’s why we want to invite you to come along and join the Bender Zoo!

If you’re in need of new tees, polos, hats, or other apparel, Bender is the place to go. Here you’ll find the lowest prices for high quality, custom screenprinting and custom embroidery. You’ll work closely with our design team to ensure your vision comes to life and you get what you want, within your budget.

Do you want to become an official member of the Bender Zoo? Here’s how: 

1. Meet with the Bender Design team to discuss your custom apparel.
2. Place your order. 
3. Take a photo of yourself wearing the provided mask with your delivery. 
4. Share with the Bender Apparel team on social media! 

That’s right! From this point on, when you place order with us we will include your very own zoo animal mask for you to wear. All you have to do is put on the enclosed mask, hold up your custom-designed apparel and let us hear you roar on social by tagging Bender Apparel on social media using #benderzoo.

Not sure where to find us online? You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Your friends Elephant, Monkey, Giraffe, Poodle, and the whole herd back at the Bender Zoo are waiting eagerly for you to join! Learn more by contacting us or by visiting!

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