The Bender Apparel Research & Development Team

What sets Bender Apparel apart from the competition? Our Research & Development team. With our top-of-the-line R & D team, Bender Apparel is able to:

Create life-like imagery

The artwork is where our process starts. We create three-dimensional designs which result in our signature realistic look. We have worked many years to develop the perfect process from screen meshes to preferred inks. It is so important to have the correct output of dot to mesh counts to achieve the desired results and we continue to improve our process year after year. The results speak for themselves.

Stay on top of trends in the industry 

Most recently our Research & Development team in screen-printing has been focused on developing new and creative techniques for a new line tailored to younger female buyers. This has opened many types of inks and processes that we haven’t always offered in the past including:

Foil – can work with regular screen-printing designs, but the foil adds sparkle and makes the shirts pop
Puff Ink – this makes designs stand off the shirt.
Crystalline – this process is used to add multicolored glitter to a design. It uses a clear base and allows the colors underneath to have a lot of character
Metallic Flake – this type of ink gives added pop to a design and has larger flakes than typical metallic inks.
Glow Ink and Threads – this is a fun way to add character to your prints.
Discharge Printing – this is a printing process that has a very soft print and looks like the tee shirt was made with the design. This style gives tees a soft feel not found in regular screen-printing.

Offer low prices for the highest quality 

By researching the best techniques and highest quality products, our team excels at finding ways to work with your budget.

Our R & D team is always looking for new and creative ways to set our custom apparel apart from the rest. In addition, we focus heavily on quality and efficiency. It’s not good enough to simply perfect a process, we must also work to ensure it lasts for the life of the garment and it is efficient to complete. We want to provide a high level of quality at a price that our customers can afford.

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