Bender Apparel Introduces New Equipment: GT-3 Series Garment Printer

While our team continues to impress businesses with their large-scale screen printing capabilities, the latest addition to our equipment lineup will surely excite smaller businesses or businesses looking to place smaller specialized orders.

At Bender Apparel, we continue to stay ahead of the game and are taking our custom screen printing a step further with the introduction of our newest machine, the GT-361 Garment Printer. What exactly does this new equipment mean for you? For starters, with CMKT and two white print heads, this printer allows us to print on dark clothing items with excellence and efficiency.

Not only is the GT-361 size-friendly in its compact design, but it also offers six to eight print heads especially convenient for shirt backs. Here at Bender Apparel, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations with our customer service and unique ability to work within all budgets, so introducing this new piece of equipment was an easy decision as it lowers costs for clients without sacrificing quality. Now, businesses can order small quantities for less and can even choose to do a single-shirt order. Smaller orders for events and special occasions are often a hassle and can be costly. However, with the GT-3 Series Garment Printer a company can order ten shirts with ease at an affordable rate. The investment in this machine directly benefits smaller business, such as our newest client, Dedication Gear, with its ability to produce and charge less for guaranteed satisfaction.

Take advantage of the benefits of this new equipment and let us print your shirts, bags, and accessories in any quantity for less. Click here for more information on our products and place your order today!

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