Customer Praises Bender Apparel Team for Hyper Realistic Art Work and Exceptional Customer Service 

We could go on and on about how great our team is, but instead, hear these words of praise from one of our many satisfied customers:

As a whole my experience with your company has far exceeded anyone else I have worked with! Your prices blow everyone else out of the water and the customer services is amazing. On our first order with Bender Apparel, we saved $800 dollars in comparison to our previous supplier when you factor in the shipping and all. In the past I had experimented with overseas production and while the price is great I wasn’t getting the attention to detail that I like. When Cliff came in with that lower price it afforded us the ability to keep production stateside and that made things much easier and the quality higher. 

I have paid a few artists to try and do what you have done for us and their work was terrible so we just ate the cost. I am an art major myself (photography) and I have a little graphic design background, so I have actually done most of our art so far myself. I just can’t produce hyper realistic work like you have and that was my vision for our shirts. My hopes are that we will be reordering on a monthly basis. 

Thanks again for everything! 

Working with the Bender team is fun, hassle free, and can help you in many ways. If you’re in the apparel industry and you’re looking for a new supplier, Bender Apparel is the right team for you.

Bender Apparel is your one-stop shop for customized tees, hats, athletic gear, and more! If you’re in need of screen-printed or embroidered apparel and other goods for your business or upcoming events, explore our website and social media to learn how Bender Does It Better!

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