How our Embroidery Team Beats Out the Competition

There are plenty of screen printing and embroidery shops to choose from these days, but Bender Apparel goes above and beyond to provide quality service and designs to each and every client. We interviewed the embroidery team leader, Clif Smith, to get a closer look into how Bender Apparel designs and produces our top-of-the-line embroidery projects. Clif has been with us here at Bender Apparel for 9 years and we are lucky to have him and his talent as a leading part of our team.


What makes Bender Apparel’s embroidery team unique? What sets Bender Apparel apart from the competition?

Here at Bender Apparel we realize the need to focus on quality, and rise above other companies’ standards. Team members are secure in their individual capabilities and understand the reason why Bender Apparel put this team together in the first place. We work towards executing our jobs on time with the common goal of keeping our quality at a high standard. We realize if we carry out these standards, customer recognition is bound to come our way. In other words, there is a good measure of team spirit within Team Embroidery!


Can you describe the design process?

We examine our clients’ artwork for details and exact specifications. Our artist digitally traces this artwork to produce a custom stitch file. The artist specifies the exact path the needle will take when stitching. We then adjust thread density, place underlay stitches and compensate for “push/pull” factors. The digitizer also changes the type of stitches used in a design to best reproduce the artwork and match your specifications for the file. Great digitizing is the foundation of great embroidery.


What’s your favorite design you’ve done so far?

This is one of the first designs I ever digitized, and it is one of my favorites because I have learned so much since then. It was done correctly but I took my time with it. From what I’ve learned over the years, I can do these designs in a quarter of the time that it took to create this first one. I use my 10 years of experience in embroidery to know how I want a design to stitch. If you want something to look good and have proper stitching, digitizing is the key.


Our team is dedicated to providing only the best experience for our clients. To get started on your next embroidery project, contact us by phone (252-637-1100) or by email ([email protected]).

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