Bender Apparel’s Best Custom Designs of 2016

Looking back on 2016, most people will remember exciting road trips, time spent with family and friends, or milestones reached. But for Bender Apparel, some memories stand apart from the rest – our favorite t-shirt designs of the year.   

  1. Eyes on the Sky
    After trusting our embroidery team with their custom hat designs for years, our friends at Marsh Assassins here in New Bern, NC presented us with a new challenge in 2016. With a full color t-shirt concept in mind, our design team got to work and “Eyes on the Sky” was born. By combining our client’s wishes with our eye for design, we created this dynamic piece that conveys a touch of realism and depth.Custom shirt design
  1. Robbie Adams Tournament
    For four years, Bender Apparel has partnered with the Robbie Adams Hunting Tournament in Cove City, NC. This year, our designers chose to portray a relaxing camp scene, highlighting the joy of hunt. With high mesh and precise automatic presses, we were able to capture even the smallest details of a hunting scene in the background.Custom Shirt Design for Tournament
  2. Voodoo Outdoor Sports
    Voodoo Outdoor Sports of Sanford, NC is a long-time customer of ours that wanted to step out of their comfort zone and knew we were the team to take them there. Our client asked us to let our creativity flow freely and we created this embroidered design. Our use of the highest technology like the Tajima embroidery machine allows us to create sharp clean lines in our embroidered designs.Voodoo Outdoor Sporting Goods Embroidered Logo Design
  1. Big Game Hunt
    Each year, The Pollocksville Fire Department in Pollocksville, NC hosts the Big Game Hunt to show appreciation to the local fire department and their firefighters. For the last two years, our designers have worked hard to design a spirited hunting shirt with a nod to our local firefighters while showcasing our technical ability to hold fine detail, giving the simple fireman’s hat a sense of reality. The best part: it looked like it was coming off the shirt!Big Game Hunt Shirt design
  2. Eastern Equine Association
    Embroidered patterns are typically achieved on smaller sections of fabric, but when the Eastern Equine Association envisioned their custom jackets, they imagined a full-back logo. Using new technology that secures apparel better than before, Bender Apparel was able to achieve this ambitious project with ease, pleasing one of our valued clients.logo design embroidey

After having such a successful year in 2016, the Bender Apparel team is looking forward to all that 2017 has to offer. As we grow, adding team members and new technologies, we are determined to be the leading and most dependable custom apparel makers in North Carolina and beyond, continuing to work together to make top notch designs and garments. We hope you are as excited as we are for the new year. We have a lot in store and cannot wait to share it with you!

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